Recently DC Nation premiered one of their “Secret Files” (WATCH HERE), which happened to highlight the Teen Titan and Justice League hero, Cyborg. The artwork in this promo seems to reflect the style we have seen in Young Justice, which is getting many fans of the show, including myself, very excited. Although I initially thought the art was taken from Justice League: Doom, in which Cyborg appears, there are subtle differences between each version with regard to hair and armor. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, fans have began to speculate that this promo and artwork MIGHT mean that Cyborg is set to make an appearance in the last ten episodes of Young Justice. I have read theories arguing that Cyborg is one of the three missing members of the Team from the five year jump, while others have hypothesized that Victor Stone may actually be Raquel Ervin’s (Rocket) fiance. Although I don’t know if any of these ideas are true, I would be very happy to see Cyborg fight along side the Team and the Justice League before the season ends.

What do you all think of this promo? Do you think Cyborg will appear in Young Justice: Invasion?

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  10. le-brocolle answered: It coult be actually on of two options, or it´s for YJ or some new series thats gonna come just YJ ends (that would mean no 3° season :|)
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  13. nightwingisasterous answered: I want to know who she’s marrying now too! And it might actually be Victor Stone. If it is I will be soooooooooooooooo HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So all the question’s about Raquel’s fiance and we never guessed Victor? I mean, he wasn’t in the show at the time (and...
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  22. silverkaizoku answered: I hope so. Cy’s aywas been one of my favorite Titans.
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  24. randumbteahouse answered: Oh man, I hope so!! : )
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